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Fabric / wallpaper cannot be returned after four (4) weeks from the date of invoice, unless the product becomes defective within six (6) months from the date of invoice, having regard to its general intended purpose and normal use.

No credits (price differences etc.) will be passed after four (4) weeks from the date of the original invoice.

No quality complaints or shortages can be accepted after fifteen (15) days from date of invoice.

No returns will be allowed on fabric of less than six (6) meters in length.

Hertex will not accept any responsibility for shortages once the fabric / wallpaper has been cut.

Hertex reserves the right to return the fabric / wallpaper to the customer if alleged defects or flaws falls within accepted commercial tolerance.

No returns of special imports fabrics / wallpaper will be accepted, unless the product is defective.

No returns will be accepted without a valid reason given in writing and approval from the sales manager.

Credits can only be passed once the central distribution centre has received the fabric / wallpaper and required documentation.

No returns will be accepted without a copy of the original invoice.

A handling fee will be charged on all returned fabric / wallpaper, unless otherwise agreed. The handling fee for velvet returns is 50%, all other fabric / wallpaper returns will have a 30% handling fee.

The customer must examine the product against its general intended purpose and normal use before accepting delivery thereof in order to determine whether the fabric is of good quality and reasonably matches the description or sample.

Once the fabric / wallpaper has been cut, made up or installed, it cannot be returned.

No wallpaper claims will be accepted if the correct glue was not used or the installation instructions were not followed.

Fabric / wallpaper with a width variation of +/- 3% cannot be returned for credit.

Hertex cannot be held responsible for any loss or damage suffered by a customer as a result of the product having been incorrectly cleaned or handled.

No claims will be accepted if fabric / wallpaper has been chemically treated after purchase.

Pilling is a characteristic of many synthetic upholstery fabrics. This happens due to excess fibres migrating to the fabric surface and forming a ball.

This is not a defect and Hertex will not accept any responsibility for fabric pilling as this will be accepted as fair wear and tear in line with the general intended purpose and normal use’’.

SABS quality standards on flaws and defects will apply (5-6 flaws per 50m are deemed acceptable).

Dye-lot variations occur in all textiles and wallpaper and are unavoidable. Subtle textures, slubs, colour and weaving irregularities associated with textiles (especially natural fibres) are not considered to be defects.

Hertex will not accept any responsibility for fabrics / wallpaper fading as a result of exposure to harsh sunlight. Fading as a result of exposure to sunlight will be accepted as fair wear and tear in line with the general intended purpose and normal use. This is especially important to note when fabric is used for Roman blinds, curtains are not lined, or lining is used as curtaining.

Hertex will not be held responsible for any consequential loss as a result of a defective or hazardous product.

If any fabric hangers, memos or books taken out on appro are not returned, Hertex will charge the relevant client’s account with the full replacement value of the fabric thereof.

We reserve the right to refuse any return in line with the abovementioned terms.


If you are dissatisfied with your purchase, you may return it.
• Products will only be considered for refund or exchange if unused and undamaged and in their original condition.
• No products will be considered for refund or exchange 30 days after date of invoice.
• In the unlikely event of product being defective, it can be returned within a period of 6 months after date of invoice. Defective items will be considered for exchange once inspected and signed off as defective by a Hertex quality assessor.
• No returns, replacements or exchanges will be considered on product after 6 months of invoice date.
• For public health reasons we cannot accept returns on the following items: Bedlinen, Towels, Crockery, Cutlery.
• Product can be returned to Hertex showrooms/Haus stores or collected by our courier for return.
• All products received for return/exchange consideration will be inspected prior to authorisation granted for exchange /refund or credit.
• All product collected by courier for refund or exchange will carry a non-refundable collection fee of R250.00. The collection fee will be charged per item collected and deducted from the original invoice amount.

Please ensure that the below is complied with prior to product being presented for return or exchange:
• Copy of original invoice presented.
• Original price tag presented.
• Product still in original packaging or similar acceptable packaging.
• In the event of a refund it will be processed with the same tender as original Invoice.

Point to consider prior to requesting a refund/exchange or credit:
• Rugs with a width variance of +/-3% cannot be returned for credit, exchange.
• Dye lots variation may occur in all rugs and are unavoidable.
• Products were used for their intended purpose and are not damaged as a result of usage.
• Products were cared for and cleaned as per care and cleaning instructions.

Please note that products bought at sale- or shop soiled prices, cannot be refunded, returned or exchanged.

Made to order products will not be considered for refund, exchange or credit.

For goods to be credited, a customer needs to supply us with the following documentation:
• Copy of invoice.
• Proof of return (signed copy of delivery note).
• Written reason for return, signed off by Hertex representative.
• Name of Hertex contact person who approved credit.
• The refund will be made in the same tender as the original payment.
• Credit card holder must be present for exchange / returns.

For goods to be credited, the item has to be returned:
• In its original packaging
• With the price ticket attached (retail)
• With the shipping label attached (wholesale).

If you have any other queries, please do not hesitate to contact us.