Urban Gypsy

Your walls will never look the same, thanks to the new Urban Gypsy wallpaper collection from Hertex. Made from vinyl on a non-woven backing, designs include faux wall finishes, faded Moroccan tiles, Missoni-style chevron prints and delicate watercolour designs in pretty and neutral colourways.

*Please note our wallpaper colours may vary slightly, before ordering your wallpaper online we suggest you check the actual colours at one of our showrooms.
Alhambra - Champagne
Alhambra - Opalescent
Alhambra - Platinum
Alhambra - Rich Gold
Charlotte - Moonstruck
Charlotte - Sunbeam

Cherry Blossom - Aqua
Collection - Terracotta
Deciduous - Monochrome
Diffuse - Metal
Gardenia - Bleached Aqua
Gardenia - Chateau

Hardwood - Limestone
Hardwood - Whitewash
Petiole - Monochrome
Petiole - Silverleaf
Rosita - Gilded
Rosita - Moonstruck

Scarlet - Chalk Blue
Scarlet - Parfait
Set in Stone - Brick
Set in Stone - Chalk
Set in Stone - Terracotta
Timber - Greyscale

Timber - Indigo
Timber - Sepia
Urban Jungle - Terracotta
Wicker - Chime
Wicker - Raffia
Willow - Chime

Willow - Fragrant
Willow - Golden Mist
Willow - Powder