Lost Garden

Get lost in the artistic designs when browsing through our NEW wallpaper collection: LOST GARDEN

This collection includes a selection of seasonal trends: featuring oversized botanicals, faraway landscapes, refined geometrics, and ethereal watercolour designs.

*Please note our wallpaper colours may vary slightly, before ordering your wallpaper online we suggest you check the actual colours at one of our showrooms.
Bambusa - Greenwich
Bambusa - Indigo
Bambusa - Tea Party
Bambusa - Winter
Blossom - Whisper
Flickering - Gold

Flickering - Strata
Grace - Dream
Grace - Pale
Hibiscus - Amulet
Hibiscus - Midnight
Intense - Indigo
Intense - Vineyard
Iris Whisper - Aura
Iris Whisper - Glow
Iris Whisper - Skyway
Linked - Amulet
Linked - Hazel
Linked - Shell
Parquet - Jungle
Pigment - Everest
Pigment - Revenge
Plated - Gold
Plated - Strata
Rosette - Amulet
Rosette - Midnight
Saturate - Deep Ocean
Scenic - Fog
Scenic - Moody
Scenic - Overcast

Thrive - Bluesteel

Triplet - Allure
Triplet - Heather