Inspired by nature.

Tropical leaves, Ferns, Delicious Monster, Banana Palms and strelitzias, cherry blossoms. Complimented by textures plains and smooth finishes. Trendy wallpaper panels – woodslands scenery, old master floral, and lush green scenes

*Please note our wallpaper colours may vary slightly, before ordering your wallpaper online we suggest you check the actual colours at one of our showrooms.
Blossoms Up - Blush
Blossoms Up - Ivy
Coconut Grove - Fresh
Easy Peasy - Sage
Face Palm - Jungle
Face Palm - Sorbet

Fern Believer - Basil
Fern Believer - Delft
Fern Believer - Mono
Hothouse - Rainforest
Keep Palm - Eden
Keep Palm - Pinstripe

Keep Palm - Sage
LAX - Basil
LAX - Pinstripe
Long Fern - Lush
Long Fern - Night
Love Triangle - Blush
Love Triangle - Foam
Love Triangle - Sea Pine
Monstera Island - Grass
Monstera Island - Sage
Plain Sight - Rainforest
Run Forest - Lush

Smooth Talk - Basil
Smooth Talk - Sage


Azalea - Fresh
Banana Split - Greenery
Bay Watch - Mono
Floral Tribute - Sketch
Kingfisher - Dawn
La La Land - Summer

Lotus - Sky
Pine Trees - Sketch
Rose Master - Night
Tapestry - Old Rose
Timberland - Wooded
Towering Trees - Sage
Treetops - Landscape
Undergrowth - Lush
Utopia - Paradise

Wallpaper panels are not part of the stock supported range. Lead time is 15 – 20 working days.