Industrial Revolution

Our new wallpaper collection, Industrial Revolution, showcases a range of modernist designs featuring abstract motifs, and textured plains and patterns.

The collection features a variety of textures incorporating matte finishes, with a selection of designs showcasing a refined, metallic finish.

Each wallpaper design effortlessly creates a contemporary look, emphasizing the “industrial” trend.

*Please note our wallpaper colours may vary slightly, before ordering your wallpaper online we suggest you check the actual colours at one of our showrooms.
Bazar - Anise
Bazar - Blue Chai
Bazar - Blueberry
Bazar - Cardamom
Bazar - Cumin
Bazar - Ginger
Bazar - Nutmeg
Bazar - Peppercorn
Bazar - Rosemary
Bazar - Saffron
Bazar - Sumac
Bazar - Turmeric
Coarse - Concrete
Contexture - Fog
Framework - Metal
Intertwine - Dove
Intertwine - Fawn
Like Silk - Mist
Monsoon - Cement
Ornamental - Blue Chai
Ornamental - Cumin
Ornamental - Peppercorn
Ornamental - Rosemary
Ornamental - Sumac

Parquet - Screed
Parquet - Whitewash
Sabine - Bleached
Sabine - Natural
Saturate - Greyscale
Silky - Cloud
Tantalize - Blueberry
Tantalize - Cardamom
Tantalize - Nutmeg
Tantalize - Peppercorn
Tantalize - Turmeric