Country casual

A practical yet appealing collection, Country Casual is a book filled with cotton blend plains in five simple designs. Expect shades of blues, fresh green and cinnamon orange, that mimic the colour palette of the Autumn season. The fabrics in this collection are hard-wearing and easily washable, making them ideal for slip covers and upholstery on high-traffic furniture in the home.

*Please note our fabric colours may vary slightly, before ordering your fabric online we suggest you check the actual colours at one of our showrooms.
Aspire - Denim
Aspire - Drizzle
Aspire - Endive
Aspire - Fossil
Aspire - Marzipan
Aspire - Paradise
Aspire - Serenity
Aspire - Wheat
Ballito - Ash
Ballito - Bark
Ballito - Bone
Ballito - Denim
Ballito - Dijon
Ballito - Fog
Ballito - Green grey
Ballito - Limos
Ballito - Mentos
Ballito - Mist
Ballito - Nut
Ballito - Pacific
Ballito - School grey
Ballito - Sky
Ballito - Snow
Ballito - Statue
Ballito - Yonder
Leon - Cloud
Leon - Linen
Leon - Nimbus
Leon - Optic
Leon - Soil
Mirjam - Blanco
Mirjam - Denim
Mirjam - Dove
Mirjam - Ghost grey
Mirjam - Mayan
Mirjam - Paloma
Mirjam - Tofu
Strive - Ether
Strive - Hemp
Strive - Salt
Strive - Statue