We have responded to clients' requests for a well-priced, totally natural rug product and thus introduced Sea Grass, colour Pebble Beach to our inventory in a variety of new sizes.

This hardy item is offered in the following sizes, 80 x 300 cm , 80 x 400cm, ideal for long passage ways, the ever-popular 200 x 300 cm, as well as our jumbo 300 x 400cm.

This item is to be resampled in an attractive hanger along with 100% sisal. Swakop in colours Earth, Straw and Storm Cloud are available in sizes 190 x 290cm and 290 x 390cm.

Also featured in the swatch will be the Tugela colour Horizon which too is available in the above sizes and is also 100% sisal.

*Please note the colours on our imagery may vary from the actual product slightly, before ordering your products from our website we suggest you check the actual colours at one of our showrooms.


Agave - Greybeard
Swakop - Earth
Tugela - Horizon
Tugela - Storm cloud
Agave - Greybeard Round
Seagrass - Herringbone Round
Segment seagrass - Natural