We have responded to clients' requests for a well-priced, totally natural rug product and thus introduced Sea Grass, colour Pebble Beach to our inventory in a variety of new sizes.

This hardy item is offered in the following sizes, 80 x 300 cm , 80 x 400cm, ideal for long passage ways, the ever-popular 200 x 300 cm, as well as our jumbo 300 x 400cm.

This item is to be resampled in an attractive hanger along with 100% sisal. Swakop in colours Earth, Straw and Storm Cloud are available in sizes 190 x 290cm and 290 x 390cm.

Also featured in the swatch will be the Tugela colour Horizon which too is available in the above sizes and is also 100% sisal.
Agave - Greybeard
Swakop - Earth
Tugela - Horizon
Tugela - Storm cloud
Agave - Greybeard Round
Seagrass - Herringbone Round
Segment seagrass - Natural