éditeur is the Hertex family’s personally curated collection.

We share a lifetime’s experience in the world of fabric and design with a sincere understanding for what leading South African designers have long sought: uncompromised quality fabrics in exact palettes, available here.


For us, fabric is far more than simply a surface. It’s a living, breathing thing: it has heft, it has history, it has soul. This belief fueled a journey that finally lead us to the long-established master craftsmen of Italy. These mills have supplied the top European designers for generations, and it was there that we found the weavers who matched shared vision. Together, we created the collection that is éditeur.


Fashions change, and so does colour. But in all that flux and noise, there is a palette of neutrals that can be traced back through the centuries - the rolling greens and blues of Renoir and Monet; the deep russets of Vermeer; Bruegel’s soft browns, Van Gogh’s burnt golds. They’re consistent because they’re the colours of the earth; the cycle of the seasons. creative team worked with leaders in the European fashion world to identify and create those exact shades: éditeur’s quintessential neutral palette.