Pressed Plants scatters

This exclusive scatter collection pays homage to the rare pressed plants prints dating back to the original works of their creator; Von Ettinghausen, in 1855. The process used, known as 'nature printing', involved pressing actual plant specimens through etched plates and rollers. With the help of technology, this has evolved into this colourful collection. The cushion front is 100% linen with the back being made from touch and magical velvets.

*Please note the colours on our imagery may vary from the actual product slightly, before ordering your products from our website we suggest you check the actual colours at one of our showrooms.*


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Autumn - Blush
Cape Dusk - Slate
Highveld - Berry
Meadow - Thyme
Moonlight - Lunar
Moss Walk - Fern
Magical - Autumn
Magical - Port
Touch - Slate
Touch - Thyme