Pressed Plants 2

Paying homage to the historical art of pressed plant printing which originated in the 1800s, the Pressed Plants 2 range includes large bowls and platters, each showcasing delicate botanical prints. The bowls and platters are made with Mango wood, hand-finished with an enamel coating, and available in an array of colourways and designs.

*Please note the colours on our imagery may vary from the actual product. Before ordering products from our website, we suggest you check the actual colours at one of our showrooms.*


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Autumn Bowl - Blush
Cape Dusk Bowl - Slate
Highveld Bowl - Berry
Meadow Bowl - Thyme
Moonlight Bowl - Lunar
Moss Walk Bowl - Fern


Autumn Platter - Blush
Cape Dusk Platter - Slate
Highveld Platter - Berry
Meadow Platter - Thyme
Moonlight Platter - Lunar
Moss Walk Platter - Fern