Casamance scatters

With a philosophy of designing with passion, French fabric house, Casamance has been an industry leader in textiles for almost 20 years. Their clever melding of French elegance with reinvented classics results in fabrics that are intricate, beautiful and luxurious. Our collection of Casamance scatter cushions are no different. Featuring fabrics from the Rivoli, Chaumont and Escapade collections, this exclusive collection of scatter cushions are nourished by many inspirations; each design, texture and colour are the basis for a journey through Paris. Deep and shimmering colours will complement and inspire every interior.

*Please note the colours on our imagery may vary from the actual product slightly, before ordering your products from our website we suggest you check the actual colours at one of our showrooms.


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Casamance scatters - Croisette 03 77
Casamance scatters - Croisette 07 00
Casamance scatters - Fragments 02 38
Casamance scatters - Meteore 01 90
Casamance scatters - Meteore 03 94
Casamance scatters - Moso 05 17
Casamance scatters - Parhelie 02 32
Casamance scatters - Parhelie 07 42
Casamance scatters - Parhelie 08 44
Casamance scatters - Parhelie 09 46
Casamance scatters - Resille 04 26
Casamance scatters - Ubud 03 20