The South African climate lends itself to outdoor living; with so much time spent lounging on our patios and decks the need for comfortable outdoor furniture exists.

Sundowners is a collection of durable, sun-resistant fabrics ideal for this purpose. With colourful stripes and plains Sundowners will take the indoor comfort and glamour out into our amazing fresh air and wonderful light.

*Please note our fabric colours may vary slightly, before ordering your fabric online we suggest you check the actual colours at one of our showrooms.
Autobahn - Burnt clay
Autobahn - Fern
Autobahn - Postbox
Autobahn - Sea foam
Autobahn - Tofu
Bandwith -
Bandwith - Stormy
Beaten track - Toasted
Division - Autumn
Layers - Autumn
Layers - Azul
Levi -
Levi - Azul
Line-up - Azul
Line-up - Choco
Line-up - Green Peace
Line-up - Liquorice
Line-up -
Maldives - Oceanic
Mauritius - Sunset
Mauritius - Volcanic
Out bound - Blanco
Outdoor panama - Lino
Pin Stripe - Azul

Pin Stripe - Stormy
Soleil - Fern
Soleil - Fossil
Soleil - Postbox
Soleil - Seafoam
Striation - Azul