Beautiful chenille quality action-plains in a vibrant colour palette make up this collection of upholstery fabrics. With 50 000 rubs, the fabrics are durable and available in 20 colours, from gentle greys to pleasant yellows.

*Please note our fabric colours may vary slightly, before ordering your fabric online we suggest you check the actual colours at one of our showrooms.
Regale - Allure
Regale - Autumn
Regale - Caribou
Regale - Celery
Regale - Chateau
Regale - Dove
Regale - Drizzle
Regale - Eucalyptus
Regale - Fern
Regale - Gargoyle
Regale - Gunmetal
Regale - Indigo
Regale - Jester
Regale - Midnight
Regale - Oasis
Regale - Onyx
Regale - Rock Ridge
Regale - Silver
Regale - Stellar
Regale - Storm