Precious Jewels

Long considered the fabric of royalty, velvet adds a certain richness and depth to interiors. Indulge yours with the new Precious Jewels collection from Hertex; a sumptuous range of velvets in three different constructions.

Set a moody tone in your home (or castle) using the gorgeous colour palette found in this collection; Vivid Turquoise, Jadeite and Sapphire blue are offset by brilliant Citrine and smouldering Ruby red.

*Please note our fabric colours may vary slightly, before ordering your fabric online we suggest you check the actual colours at one of our showrooms.
Phoebe - Amazonite
Phoebe - Aquamarine
Phoebe - Black pearl
Phoebe - Citrine
Phoebe -
Phoebe - Jasper

Phoebe - Obsidian
Phoebe - Olivine
Phoebe - Opalite
Phoebe - Pearl
Phoebe - Peridot
Phoebe - Sand opal
Phoebe - Sapphire
Phoebe - Siam
Phoebe - Smoky quartz
Sasha - Black diamond
Sasha -
Sasha - Emerald

Sasha - Mocca
Sasha - Morion
Sasha - White jade
Sasha - Zircon
Stafford - Bronze