The long-awaited sequel to the ever-popular Sunproof Collection. These new fabrics, whether used indoor or outside, will make every day seem like a holiday. The designs have a global tribal-inspired feel and are teamed with a tweedy action plain, a wide stripe, as well as new colours in Stinson, both plain and mélange.

*Please note our fabric colours may vary slightly, before ordering your fabric online we suggest you check the actual colours at one of our showrooms.
Balneario - Drizzle
Balneario - Haze
Balneario - Night Shade
Balneario - Storm
Brazil - Haze
Brazil - Mediterranean
Brazil - Night Shade
Brazil - Spice
Brazil - Storm
Manilow - Mist
Manilow - Thunder
Posto - Mediterranean
Posto - Night Shade
Promenade - Haze
Promenade - Mediterranean
Promenade - Night Shade
Promenade - Spice
Promenade - Storm

Stinson - Breeze

Stinson - Cement

Stinson - Cocktail

Stinson - Cocoa
Stinson - Fern

Stinson - Haze

Stinson - Hudson

Stinson - Icicle
Stinson - Mediterranean
Stinson - Mercury

Stinson - Midnight
Stinson - Night Shade

Stinson - Saffron

Stinson - Serene

Stinson - Spice
Stinson - Storm