Mirror the sophisticated glamour of the Italian coastline with the new Amalfi collection. Crisp sandy beaches, olive groves and lush citrus farms scintillate the senses while cliffside villas beckon you in.

The elegant chenille jacquards and double weaves found in the collection are grounded with action plains on a white warp. The colour palette used is quintessentially Italian and includes Oceanic blues, limoncello yellow and juicy red offset with a gentle dove grey. The Amalfi collection is perfect for heavy curtaining and upholstery.

*Please note our fabric colours may vary slightly, before ordering your fabric online we suggest you check the actual colours at one of our showrooms.
Alba - Beluga
Alba - Celestial
Alba - Grenadine
Alba - Moonbeam
Alba - Pumice
Alba - Shower
Alba - Treasure
Minori - Beluga
Minori - Celestial
Minori - Grenadine
Minori - Moonbeam
Minori - Pumice
Minori - Shower
Minori - Treasure
Naples - Beluga
Naples - Celestial
Naples - Grenadine
Naples - Pumice
Naples - Shower
Naples - Stormy
Naples - Treasure
Novella - Castle
Novella - Coast
Novella - Grenadine
Novella - Marini
Novella - Paradiso
Salerno - Beluga
Salerno - Moonbeam
Salerno - Treasure