Sights and sounds of the beloved country are reflected in the four patterns in this local designer fabric collection. The diverse designs with Tribal Chic in the lead role and of Desert Storm, Water Wise and Geomaze as a supporting cast, spell the continent from Cape to Cairo. Printed on a double-width cotton-linen base cloth, these fabrics serve as dual-purpose décor options. The colourways are those reminiscent of endless plains, far horizons and the seductive sounds of nature. We have added seven co-ordinating colourways of a linen look upholstery plain with 90 000 rubs.

*Please note our fabric colours may vary slightly, before ordering your fabric online we suggest you check the actual colours at one of our showrooms.
Desert Storm - Clay
Desert Storm - Coal
Desert Storm - Lichen
Desert Storm - Ochre
Geomaze - Azurite
Geomaze - Clay

Geomaze - Coal
Geomaze - Lichen
Geomaze - Ochre
Pathway - Lino
Remo - After Midnight
Remo - Bramble

Remo - Daring
Remo - Mangrove
Remo - Oyster
Remo - Rocksteady
Remo - Wonderland
Tribal Chic - Azurite
Tribal Chic - Coal
Tribal Chic - Ochre
Waterwise - Clay
Waterwise - Coal
Waterwise - Ochre