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Decorate with This Season’s Colour Trends

Colours that have been popping up all over in the decor sector this season are hues of berry, millenial pinks, splashes of ochre and mustard, terracotta, and shades of forest, pastel and emerald greens.

Set the atmosphere you desire in your space with the colours of this season, from moody tones to vivid hues:


The wide variety of earthy hues of terracotta has always been around, however we have seen this colour popping up everywhere this winter – from subtle shades to more bold terracotta hues. This rich earthy colour works well with other neutrals to instantly create a warmer atmosphere. In addition to being an original yet timeless wall colour, terracotta looks beautiful in different textures of fabrics.


Falling in-line with terracotta, shades of millennial pink – from salmon pink to crushed berries – are still very popular. In pastels, the combination of mint green and berry pinks are are trending right now. It’s easy to incorporate these shades in printed fabrics, scatter cushion, throws and quilts, however don’t be afraid to go all out – from light salmon pastel pink, to a darker shades bordering on burgundy, these colours complement one another as well as a range or other colours (especially greys and neutrals) fabulously, and they aren’t going anywhere anytime soon.

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Set a moody atmosphere by incorporating darker tones such as jewel-like emerald greens and yellow ochres. These colours are a great way to introduce fabric textures as well as bold and contrasting colours into your home.

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Be Bold 

The days of conservative decorating is over. Anything can go. Be bold and brave and choose what you like. And if you feel unsure, it’s always a good idea to start with one statement piece (whether it’s an upholstered item, curtains, wallpaper, or a rug), and build around that.

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