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The Perfect Pouf Placement

Oversized, comfy and ultra-cool, poufs and floor cushions are great decor accessories to add to interiors. However, many of us find ourselves lost when it comes to placing them in our home. In honour of our current pouf promotion, we highlight our tricks to ensuring the perfect placement.

Layer it on

Place your purchased pouf(s) or floor cushions next to or in front of an armchair or sofa. Just as a scatter cushion adds an extra layer and dimension to your sofa, so too will your pouf(s). Even better, they’ll be within reach for you to put your feet up on.

23 Feb 2018 - Blog

As an Added Extra

Pulling out a pouf when extra guests come for a visit is pretty much a no-brainer. Have yours placed off to the side of your room, ready for use.  According to Apartment Therapy, the best way to arrange yours is, ‘to place your extra soft seating next to other decor elements; fold floor cushions and poufs into vignettes so they feel connected to the room.’

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COMING SOON. The Kamiza Floor Cushions

In Place of an Armchair

To channel an effortless, more relaxed interior, you can’t go wrong with placing a few floor cushions in your space in lieu of an armchair. Poufs and floor cushions provide extra seating while not taking up too much space.

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