3 Jan 2 HAUS


We’re almost done with the first month of 2018 and to re-inspire you, we’re highlighting three key lifestyle trends for the year.

Lifestyle Trend 1: Lagom

2017 was all about, ‘Hygge.’ A nod to slow living and allowing yourself to enjoy the finer things in life. However, 2018 is all about, ‘Lagom.’ This lifestyle trend is all about consuming items in, ‘just the right amount.’ Forget mass consumption, 2018 is the year for buying less, but better quality. The key is to purchase items that are an investment, that will be in your home for good and bring purpose to your day-to-day life.

3 Jan 1 HAUS

Lifestyle Trend 2: Bowl-d Over

Forget plates and platters, 2018 is all about the bowl. Whether you’re enjoying a healthy smoothie bowl or a fresh poké bowl, one thing’s for sure, eating out of a bowl complements the laid-back lifestyle we’ll all be adopting this year. For beautiful bowl options, click here, and here.

3 Jan 2 HAUS

Lifestyle Trend 3: Sustainable Plastics

You can literally find plastic in everything, and, sadly, everywhere. Luckily some clever designers are using plastic for good by reusing and recycling it into beautiful items in the home. According to sources in the know, plastic will become a precious material in 2018. We’re jumping on this bandwagon with our Faded Grandeur rugs, which are made from recycled polyester. See them, here.

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