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3 Timeless Decor Trends from 2017

The year may be drawing to a close and, while there may be many things we’d like to leave in 2017, these are the three decor trends we’re not ready to say goodbye to just yet.

Monochrome Magic

We’re all for a rainbow of brights when the occasion calls for it. However, when it comes to interiors nothing beats a monochrome colour palette. The more subdued the better. 2017 saw homeowners and decorators using the same colour on everything from their walls to their floors, furniture to curtains. The result? A uniformed, chic interior. Shop our monochrome pieces, here.

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The New Modernist

Take your cue from the mid-century modern interiors of the 60s and 70s with this contemporary classic trend. Clean, minimal lines are mixed with contemporary hues. This trend is all about taking something vintage and giving it a fresh, contemporary look, so get creative. Explore our New Modernist inspired fabrics, rugs and homeware on our site today.

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Just as the mid-century modern trend has made its return, so too has the timeless Victorian style of yesteryear. The difference this time around? Instead of dark and stuffy interiors, this trend has been given a makeover in the form of playful trims and classic shapes in cheerier hues. Take a look at our fabrics and homeware that will help you create this redefined look, here.

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