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Casamance A/W Collection Part 2

A sparkling elegance, a quest for innovation and the forging of new horizons encapsulates the Casamance Autumn/Winter 2017 collections. As is customary with Casamance,  their stories are classified into two ‘universes,’ that help to describe the ambience of each story. In our next instalment, we will be focusing on the second universe; Arizona Dream.  Here, Casamance was inspired by the varied landscape and desert plains found in the state of Arizona, US.

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Universe Two: Arizona Dream

The raw beauty and unmatched landscapes were the starting point for the Casamance team when designing this collection.  Flooded by light, the geological landscape is full of colour and unimaginable shapes, which are both fascinating and spellbinding. With these new collections, Casamance broadens your horizons.

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The Fabrics

Linens, traditional embroideries (Maricopa), raw materials and woven-effect textures conjure up images of traditional weaving by the American Indians (Apaches). Natural materials, matte and authentic, recall the natural wonders of Colorado’s rock formations created by the wind, sedimentary landscapes shaped by erosion. This mineral inspired collection has depth (Sand), softened with fur (Mato) and is complemented by a large collection of wide voile’s suggesting infinite open spaces (Otomi).

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Colour Palette

A sumptuous palette of deep green introduces the endless sophistication of this range. Jewel tones of tourmaline, malachite and emerald are combined with the luminosity of jade. We are introduced to new, deeper shades of red, ruby and garnet. Combined with burnt orange and flecks of gold, the collection is cooled with shades of blue and pearlescent beige.

The luxurious and elegant fabrics from Universe Two are available exclusively at Hertex showrooms nationwide. For more information visit