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3 Colour Schemes for the Bedroom

Your bedroom should be an oasis of calm that ushers in a good night’s sleep after long, hard day. Here we share three beautiful colour schemes that will achieve the above and match your personality to boot.

Simplicity is Key.

Take a cue from our Nordic neighbours and keep your bedroom clean, calm and neutral. Neutral tones work best in this instance so opt for varying shades of white, grey, blue and beige. To add interest, layer up different textures like faux fur, vinyl, sisal and wood. If you want your bedroom to be a space to wind down and relax, and a place of calm, then consider neutral tones and shades for your bedroom.


The Balancing Act.

When you’re cohabiting, it’s important to select a scheme that suits both you and your other half’s personality and tastes. Mix things up by choosing a colour scheme that complements and effortlessly combines your tastes. We love the artful colour scheme used below; here inky blue and army green are offset by delicate shades of rose and blush. The result? A room with just the right dose of masculine and feminine.


Keep it Green.

According to colour psychology expert, Karen Haller, ‘the main positive psychological properties green communicates are peace, balance and harmony. It can rejuvenate and restore, giving the feeling of being connected to nature and feeling safe and secure.’ So it totally makes sense to use this hue in the bedroom. Off set the green with gold, black and grey accents.

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