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The 411 on Outdoor Rugs

With Spring officially here and Summer just around the corner, the thought of spending long, lazy days outdoors, lounging on one of our outdoor rugs has massive appeal.

Creating a comfortable, chic and welcoming outdoor space is a cinch with the wide selection of outdoor rugs from HAUS. Below, we decipher outdoor rug lingo by breaking down the most popular materials used to make them and how best to care for them.

The Back Story:

Most outdoor rugs are synthetic and made from man-made fibres such as polypropylene or olefin, nylon, acrylic, and polyester. All of these materials are made from derivatives of petroleum and are treated with harsh chemicals during the manufacturing process. The differences between each are minute and usually difficult to spot unless you’re an expert in the field.

HAUS outdoor rugs

Why Synthetic?

Synthetic rugs are much praised for their lengthy life span, with many lasting up to five years if cared for correctly. While many a hardcore rug fundi sings the benefits of opting for a wool rug indoors, synthetic rugs are the perfect match for the outdoors or homes with lots of pets.

As they’re made from synthetic materials, outdoor rugs are easier to clean. This is because water based stains and dirt tend to sit on top of the fibres and do not penetrate them as they would with a wool or cotton rug. A quick vacuum and spray down with a hose once in a while will keep your outdoor rug in tip top shape. However, be careful not to spill any oil based products as these are tougher to get rid of and will require a professional clean.

From patterned to plain, the HAUS selection of outdoor rugs will have your patio floors covered with Summer. View the entire collection, here.