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3 Steps to adding interest to a neutral room.

Are you getting tired of the neutral palette in your living room? We show you three simple ways to liven up the scheme in no time at all.

Step one: Assess your neutral base.

Neutral furniture doesn’t have to be boring. Opt for interesting shapes made from wood, leather or steel and upholster them in gentle shades of grey, navy or white. The great part about investing in neutral furniture is that it will last for years to come and updated easily with soft furnishings.


Step two: Introduce accessories in accent colours.

Now it’s time to layer on some accent colours to add depth to the scheme. In this room, we’ve added a grey rug and copper accents to balance the room’s colour palette.



Step 3: Introduce small accessories in colours of your choice

Now it’s time to add in your scatter cushions and throws.  As a rule of thumb it’s best to combine varying patterns and textures like velvet, cotton, faux fur and linen.  Keep table surfaces clean and simple with a simple flower arrangement or candles for ambience.


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