Op Art Illusion
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Op-Art Illusion Interiors

The combination of black and white in interiors and fashion is nothing new. However, there’s been a resurgence of late with bold, oversized prints, and we’re all for it!

The History of Op-Art.

This look gained notoriety in the swinging 60s thanks to an abstract art style that uses optical illusions to trick the eye into seeing movement amongst geometric shapes and repetitive patterns. The art form soon spilled over to interiors and fashion with the likes of Twiggy sporting this eye-catching trend. Op-art inspired designs add depth and interest thanks to the layering of black and white.

Op-Art Illusion

Get the Look.

Calming yet invigorating, black and white gets a modern spin with our playful Lalibela and Estuaries scatter cushion collections and in our Bedouin, Punata and Villazon rugs. The contemporary Pattern Protocol and Limelight fabric collections from Hertex have got your op-art upholstery covered (pun-intended) thanks to their durable quality and impactful prints on weaves and velvets. If you want to translate this look to your dining room table, opt for a combination of black and white stoneware, like this, teamed with matte black flatware and crisp white napery.  Pair this timeless combination with blonde wood accessories or flooring, matte patina metal and furniture in simple, clean lines.

Whichever way you choose to treat this trend, one thing is for certain, the graphic impact of black and white will never lose its appeal.

To explore more items that will help you get this look, visit www.hertex.co.za.