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Get ready for Rococo

Romantic and mysterious, provocative and alluring, the Rococo style of decorating is anything but demure.

What is Rococo?

Elegant, flirty, luxurious and playful, the Rococo style is also often referred to as Late Baroque and was popular from the 1730s to the 1760s, during the reign of Louis XV in France.  The term Rococo originates with the French word rocaille, which is the method of decorating artificial grottos in shell-covered rock.

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The Rococo Look:

Luxury is the order of the day with this sumptuous trend. Opulent materials like crystal, bronze, brass and gilded accents are featured heavily, while fabrics such as brocade, painted silks, satin and velvet round off the look. The colour palette is soothing yet impactful and includes gold, blue, purple and emerald green. Classic rug designs are reimagined in new colour ways and a mash-up of designs, while curtains are heavy and made out of rich velvets and raw silks that pool at the floor.