Colour blocked living room.
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Block Party – A Lesson in colour blocking

Inject some serious character and colour to interiors with the striking colour blocking trend.

THE BASICS – What is Colour Blocking

Mimicking the style of the iconic painting Composition with Red Blue and Yellow (1930) by Piet Mondrian, the colour block trend in fashion and décor gained popularity in the 60s and has continued to grow.

The style is achieved by pairing bold, solid colours with no rhyme or reason.  The idea is to use contrasting blocks of solid colour rather than stripes, textures or patterns to add interest to interiors.


Colour block living room


If you’re feeling bold you can pair three vivid colours together, however, we suggest you stick to this simple rule of thumb; for the best balance pair one bright colour with one bold and the other neutral. This combination should attract the eye but not overwhelm it. If you’re feeling demure, then choose differing hues of the same colour palette. Ensure you use the scheme against a neutral background to prevent the look from looking too cartoonish.


To adopt this rule in the living room, there are one of two ways you can go. The first is to simply add some colourful accents using scatter cushions, rugs or curtains. The other option is to upholster your furniture in contrasting solid colour fabrics, like these and these. Try mixing jewel-hued fabrics in ruby, sapphire and emerald, or for something fresh look to combinations of pink, orange and turquoise.


Colour blocking in the bedroom is pretty simple, whether it be a brightly coloured headboard upholstered in this and some scatter cushions and throws like these or a wall covered in contrasting plain wallpaper or paint. Wallpapering the interiors of a bookshelf or wardrobe is a subtle way to incorporate this trend into your home.

Are you ready to try out this trend? Take a look at our colour block friendly fabrics, here.

Picture credits: Yatzer  and Kit Lvivv.