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Take a trip to Japan with Misia

Boldness, creativity, absolute freedom, sweet obsession, invitation to travel… A philosophy which guides our brand.” – Florence Vermelle. Artistic Director, Misia.

Voyage à Kyõto-shi

Introducing the Voyage à Kyõto-shi fabric collection from Misia. A beautiful balance between tradition and modernity, the collection is inspired by the intricacies, delicacies and ancient crafts of the Japanese culture.

This magical collection takes you on a journey through Japan with two stories inspired by the cities of Kyoto, the iconic city of culture, and Tokyo, the more modern city of Japan.


Where all the delicacy and sensitivity of the traditional Japanese arts come alive, Kyoto is a city filled with tradition and gentle elegance. Misia have channelled this through designs that mimic the poetry of traditional Japanese scenes. A tone on tone colour palette, injected with varying texture and patterns make this story as beautiful as it is varied. In this story, three major designs are represented; ‘Danse des Cyprins,’ is inspired by traditional Japanese goldfish, digitally-printed onto linen. “L’Or de Kyoto”, is a silk and cotton jacquard and our take on the ancient Japanese dyeing method of Shibori. Lastly, the cotton jacquard “Jeu de Signes” unveils a painting of Japanese ideograms.


While in Tokyo, we find the modern face of Japan. More intense colour schemes, bold pixelated velvets and minuscule optical effects are beautifully illustrated in sheers, sequinned fabrics (Geiko), weaves, jacquards and laminations on geometric velvets (Pavillon d’Or) with a matte finish.

In the ‘Un Astre s’éveille’ collection, four Velvet designs (Ruelles Japonaises, Midnight Tokyo, Neon Lights and Perles de Tapioca) reflect contemporary inspiration, as seen in modern-day Japan and its capital city, Tokyo.

Find out more about this magical collection in the following video:

The Misia Voyage à Kyõto-shi fabric collection is available exclusively at your nearest Hertex showroom. Please note, our fabrics are sold to trade customers only.