Mixed messages
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Mixed Messages

Looking to liven up your home? Introducing pattern and prints is a sure-fire way to do just that. The trick is to get it right. In celebration of the release of our new Jungles to Dunes fabric collection,  we’ve devised five ways for you to do just that.

There is a multitude of patterns available to satisfy the most discerning of tastes. From polka dots to palm leaf prints, pick your favourites and mix them accordingly. Soft furnishings like scatter cushions, curtaining, lampshades and throws are a great way to experiment with patterns while solid colours on the walls or floors will help to balance the scheme.

Pick a colour, any colour: 

Before you begin to select the patterns you love, it’s important to decide on what colour palette you’d like to work with. All colours have warm and cool tones in a variety of saturations and tints, so select one or two base colours and an accent colour or two to add some punch.

mixed message body 1Scale it.

Select a mix of large and small scale prints in a similar colour palette to add interest and depth to your room. The more variety of pattern available, the more interesting and appealing your interior will look. Select a large base pattern and introduce smaller accent patterns to complement it.

Pic credit: Pop Sugar

Pic credit: Pop Sugar

Don’t be shy.

There really is no room for bashful behaviour if you’ve decided to mix your patterns.  Go with bold and beautiful colours in a monochromatic print or, if you are new to mixing patterns then start by choosing one colourful pattern against a white background.

Don’t forget wallpaper too! 

Patterns don’t have to be reserved for fabrics alone, wallpaper can do a great job of introducing some invigorating pattern into your home. Select an accent wall for a boldly patterned wallpaper or deck the entire room out in an eye-catching, smaller print.

Do you have any tips for mixing patterns and prints? Share them with us in the comments section below, we’d love to hear!