Sheer Delight

In celebration of the new Saint Germain collection, we highlight four benefits of sheer window treatments.

Private Property:


Sheer curtains are great for giving privacy while still allowing light into a room. Use them in your bedroom or living room for an airy, yet private setting.

Sun Safe:


When added underneath a curtain of a thicker density, sheer fabrics act as a protective barrier from the sun. Sheer curtains also protect indoor plants from the harmful UV rays of the sun.



As they’re made from lightweight fabrics, sheer curtains are often a lot less expensive than their heavier counterparts.

Sheer Beauty:


Sheer fabric curtains add a timeless elegance and lightness to interiors, making it perfect for all rooms in the house, from the kitchen to the bedroom.

Would you have sheer curtains in your home? Share your thoughts with us below.